Power to All People

The first time Marvel's Black Panther was introduced to the public, it was widely assumed that the character was named after the Black Panther Party. ...
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Honoring the Two Spirit Identity

June is Pride month, a time to come together and celebrate our LGBTQIA+ family. As language shifts over time, you may see longer, more inclusive versions of this acronym (a he...
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Skating Towards Inclusivity

Cammie Shibata knows you’re staring at her. Her skate wheels are flashing, her hair is bright pink, and most afternoons she’s dressed like a sparkly cartoon....
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Handling Hatred

Last year, the new decade (2020) ushered in a wave of unprecedented events–wildfires, an alarming spike in police brutality in the United States, and the issue still at the ...
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Defining Mixed Identity

As soon as you’re old enough to comprehend the importance of establishing an identity, the questions get harder. People stop asking who your best friend is, and start asking...
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