Class & the Meaning of Success
For generations, we’ve been told to pull ourselves up from our bootstraps in order to fulfill the “American Dream.” At times, the ability to pass on generational wealth has felt like a myth for our communities as we navigate unavoidable capitalistic systems to find economic freedom.
This month, we’re exploring our perceptions of class and its effect on our familial relationships. What happens when these capitalistic systems penetrate our unique family structures?



How do differing visions of class,
career, etc affect your family?

How have perspectives on achieving
success shifted throughout generations?

How do we navigate family relations in a society that places more
importance on financial success than on cultural values?


The September Meetup | Family Values & the Meaning of Success was a discussion on how we define success for ourselves and how it's different from our families. The community shared how they measure success through self-exploration, reclamation of time, and pursuing their passions. Together, we figured out what we can take from our parents, how we can better invest in our children, and how there are plenty of successful careers beyond a doctor or lawyer!
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