Join the conversation at our next meetup:
  • What role does mental health play in your life with your family?
  • How do you help yourself maintain a healthy mental state?
  • What are signs that indicate your mental health needs help?
What are you?
Were you adopted?
Whre are you from?
You’re so exotic?
“This space is so needed. I have seen BIPOC 
 Individuals silenced and attempts to be silenced for 
 speaking out against wrongdoings they have witnessed 
 by other ‘disability advocates.”
“When you’re put in that middle place,
 you’re like a soldier of connecting people.”
“You choose your identity, no on else does.”
Become a member of our vibrant, 
 diverse, and accepting community!
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Membership Information

    Established 2018 NY, NY.
    The Mixed Space holds a safe space for multicultural, multiracial creatives to explore intersectional identity through collaborative conversation and community building activities.

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives are on everyone’s minds today more than ever. Perspectives from diverse communities are especially necessary to inform DEI efforts. Our monthly meetups provide opportunities to have honest, wide-ranging conversations relevant to mixed-race creatives, including how to respond to insensitive questions about race, how to handle microaggressions, and how to become progressive global citizens in a world that “others” us.

    The Mixed Space provides a safe space for multiracial and multiethnic people to promote learning, community building, and social justice to create a better world for everyone. Creatives as part of The Mixed Space through regular collaborations work to build each other up, foster new ideas, and bring their efforts to the larger community.

    We are whole human beings with multiracial identities supporting and learning from one another within a multicultural organization. Biracial, multicultural, multiracial, intersectional—these identities ebb and flow within our society, and within ourselves. Join our meetups every month where we celebrate our multiracial identities.
    What is The Mixed Space?
    TMS is a community organization celebrating intersectional identities by hosting monthly meetups that navigate conversations on ​​identity, culture, and civic engagement. We create safe spaces for people to listen and learn with each other; to witness and validate the totality of an individual's experience of the world.
    We accept donations as a company and depending on the funds we receive, we donate a portion to a selected list of organizations whom we support on a rotating basis.
    We appreciate your givings no matter it’s your attending, your story sharing, your voice and your support truly.