March Meetup: Mixed Babies


Mixed mother of 4 who went from being a critical care RN to a social impact entrepreneur. Founder of Mixed Up Clothing and co-founder of Culturas, Multiculti Corner and Mixed Heritage Day, Sonia is a dedicated multicultural and mixed-race activist who also serves as a board member and President of Multiracial Americans of Southern California.

Sonia had the idea to provide pre-meetup “homework” so to speak to make sure we get the most out of our conversation at The Mixed Space March Meetup: Mixed Babies. We are so proud to host Sonia this month and hope you enjoy filling out the following journal prompts.

*Sonia was inspired by Rachel Cargel in providing this assignment, so we thank Rachel Cargel for her influence.*


Defining fetish:
  • an object believed to have magical power;
  • obsessive devotion;
  • or an object necessary for sexual gratification or to complete sexual expression;
  • Synonym = fixation;
Google “fetishizing mixed-race babies…”
Find examples & write them down:
Express your feelings about what you found: