How can we, as activists, nurture an environment of physical and mental health to fight everyday?

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“I'm exhausted.”
“This isn't my fight”
“Does any of this make a difference?”
“I can't do this forever.”

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Zahira Chaudhry

Zahira Chaudhry

Zahira Chaudhry is a creative by practice who continues to train and improve her work as an environmental activist. She is the founder of Alluvia Magazine where she continues her initiatives of centering environmental creatives of color to create equitable media spaces. While studying environmental science at UC Berkeley, Zahira helped develop the first ever Students of Color Environmental Conference. Students of color from across the nation were invited to attend a free conference on environmental justice. This project won numerous awards for public service and sustainability leadership including the best practice award from the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference. Zahira highlights the narratives of environmental artists of color and cultivates space for the intersection of art and environmentalism. This helps to tell the stories not captured by the modern environmental movement. This year she is continuing her work by curating Issue 2 of Alluvia Magazine that will feature 15+ BIPOC environmental artists and writers. For the month of July, The Mixed Space highlights Zahira as we learn about how to sustain daily activism practices while maintaining our mental health and stamina.  

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