How Do You Feel?

Let's talk.

“I'm Angry, Confused, Exhausted.”
“How Can I Help More?”
“I Feel Pulled in Opposite Directions.”
“I'm Afraid to Even Start the Conversations.”

We Stand Together. 


How are mixed people feeling and dealing?
How is the rest of the world reacting and processing?
Listening to community with support and understanding
A space to heal and stand together

The Mixed Space is

Here to Listen

The moment we are sharing together is another invitation to deepen our thoughts and do more for our community. Processing our emotions can lead to an open dialogue with another person. Sharing our experiences continues to hold true for The Mixed Space. By acknowledging our connections and granting ourselves moments to listen, we feel the strength we have in safe spaces. Share your voice for healing, The Mixed Space is here to listen.


Future Meetups

The Mixed Space curates monthly meetups to facilitate robust discussions emphasizing social justice, community activism and intersectional identity at large. Sign up to receive your invitation for next month’s meetup.

    *Limited Availability
    *Complimentary Event

    We value your confidentiality and privacy. Here are some tips for you to further protect your identity when attending our recorded meetups if you would like to remain anonymous:

    1. Rename yourself on Zoom to avoid use of your real name
    2. Don’t disclose your location
    3. Turn your camera view off
    4. Use a virtual background to hide your location
    By joining our audio-video call, you (our beloved TMS member) acknowledge that you have been informed that you may be photographed, filmed, or otherwise recorded as part of the program entitled “The Mixed Space Meetup” hereafter called (the ”Production”). Further, by joining our audio-video call, you grant your irrevocable consent to The Mixed Space LLC, its successors, assigns, and licensees to include your name, likeness, photographic image, mannerisms, and voice in the Production and in any promotional materials for the Production, without demanding compensation and/or credit, and for such Production and related promotional materials to be used for any purpose whatsoever in any and all media now known or hereafter devised throughout the universe in perpetuity.
    What is The Mixed Space?
    TMS is a community organization celebrating intersectional identities by hosting monthly meetups that navigate conversations on ​​identity, culture, and civic engagement. We create safe spaces for people to listen and learn with each other; to witness and validate the totality of an individual's experience of the world.

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