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At The Mixed Space, we love spreading our brand’s story, message, and mission. If you are a member of the media and wish to speak to our team, please contact us at contact@themixedspace.com or reach us through our social media channels @themixedspace.

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Shoutout Socal 2022

Founder and CEO Lili Stiefel speaks on her thought process behind starting her own business and shouts out women who have inspired her work.
November 2022

Mixed Asian Media Fest 2022

In our second collaboration with Mixed Asian Media, The Mixed Space hosted two workshops: a pre-recorded digital workshop titled Mixed Roots: A Guide for Unearthing Our Stories; and an in-person workshop led by our founder Lili Stiefel titled Storytelling: A Guide for Exploring Family Stories.
September 2022

Creative Magic Club 2021

In conversation with Sarah Mac of Creative Magic Club, Founder & CEO Lili Stiefel shares her unique experience of growing up feeling like an outsider, as a mixed-race military daughter, and how that inspired her creating The Mixed Space.
May 2021

W42ST 2020

In conversation with Ruth Walker of W42ST, Founder and CEO Lili Stiefel speaks about how the nation’s crisis surrounding police brutality exceeds issues of race and how The Mixed Space helps emphasize healing and connection in difficult times such as these.
June 2020

W42ST 2019

In conversation with Ruth Walker of W42ST, Founder and CEO Lili Stiefel discusses her identity crisis and how it led to her establishing The Mixed Space.
April 2019
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