We are a space for critical thinking, storytelling, and challenging societal norms that make us feel othered.

We are a place of belonging and growth.
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What are TMS Meetups?
The Mixed Space’s monthly meetups are a portal into the future, facilitating a transformative experience for mixed, multicultural, multiethnic, multi-lingual and multi-continental individuals needing more community. Every month, our heart-centered space offers a place to unpack and/or share the stories that bring to life what makes us different.

At the meetup, storytelling helps our community feel truly uplifted, supported, and validated. It is a brave space where we make the world a more inclusive and better place.

If you identify as intersectional, mixed identity, an ally, advocate, or a multidimensional human being, the space is for YOU. We encourage all our attendees to bring stories, experiences, and expertise to each meetup.
September 13, 2022 @7 p.m. EST on Zoom
Class & the Meaning of Success
For generations, we’ve been told to pull ourselves up from our bootstraps in order to fulfill the “American Dream.” At times, the ability to pass on generational wealth has felt like a myth for our communities as we navigate unavoidable capitalistic systems to find economic freedom.
This month, we’re exploring our perceptions of class and its effect on our familial relationships. What happens when these capitalistic systems penetrate our unique family structures?
family values



How do differing visions of class,
career, etc affect your family?

How have perspectives on achieving
success shifted throughout generations?

How do we navigate family relations in a society that places more
importance on financial success than on cultural values?


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