ThanksTaking NFT Auction

w/ Haatepah/Coyotl: Indigenous
Empowerment and Reclamation

What if the Americas (North/Central/South) were never colonized by European settlers? Imagine a parallel reality where the Indigenous people of the Americas continued a life in balance with Mother Nature, where industrialism never poisoned the rivers and atmosphere, and agribusiness never destroyed this continent’s soil microbiome.
The Mixed Space celebrates and empowers indigenous people by doing something unparalleled: auctioning an NFT entitled Vision Quest inspired by acclaimed model, Indigenous activist, and TMS friend Hateepah/Coyotl based in this alternate reality timeline, where we can imagine a reality where nature is restored to holistic balance and the Earth and ourselves thrive and flourish. This will be accomplished using an OpenSea digital wallet provided by the tech company CyTess. The auction will be timed, beginning on ThanksTaking (“Thanksgiving Day”) on November 25th at 12 a.m. EST, and ending on November 30th at 11:59 p.m. EST.
The Thanksgiving holiday is largely based on a falsified history. It reinforces an erroneous narrative of the peaceful existence of colonialism, erasing the premeditated conquest of Indigenous nations by Europeans, the largest genocide in humankind. Many Native Americans reclaim the framing of this yearly retelling with ThanksTaking, accurately commemorating the historical events and their context. It emphasizes and celebrates the varied history and culture of the Americas’ First People.
Haatepah/Coyotl grew up separated from his Indigenous identity. At the age of eighteen he began to explore his Chichimeca/Detribalized heritage. This examination gave Haatepah/Coyotl a newfound sense of rootedness to Mother Earth and a passion for activism in protecting and renourishing the environment and all its living beings.
NFTs allow digital assets to be universally viewed and appreciated yet singular and uniquely traceable. They create a specific and unhackable provenance between the content creator and purchaser. The blockchain technology that underlie NFTs allows for the distinction of digital assets to be authenticated and the rights wholly procured to the buyer. This technological breakthrough of smart contracts has never been fully realized in advancing social justice and in the empowerment of disenfranchised communities. TMS seeks to be the first digital space and activism platform to utilize this burgeoning tech in bringing funds and resources directly to mixed content creators and the passions for which they advocate. Fifty percent of the proceeds from the auction will go to Haatepah/Coyotl himself as a content creator, and the remaining fifty percent will go to a charity of his choosing.

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“A land acknowledgement is a critical step towards working with native communities to secure meaningful partnership and inclusion in the stewardship and protection of their cultural resources and homelands. As many of us are settlers, immigrants, or descendants of those forcefully brought to this continent, our institutions were founded upon exclusions and erasures of the Indigenous peoples whose land we are located. We honor and are grateful for the land we occupy and recognize the ongoing damage of settler colonialism. Land acknowledgment demonstrates a commitment to beginning the process of working to dismantle the ongoing legacies of colonialism and the pursuit of truth and healing.”

This statement was generously shared with the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center by the California Indian Museum and Cultural Center in Santa Rosa, California.
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